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  TUESDAY LEAGUE SINGLES, 2006-07 (sponsored by Rileys Snooker)
  Following a sponsorship deal with Rileys Snooker this year's singles and doubles competitions will all take place at Rileys City Road and Wellington clubs. Each of the tournaments will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights throughout the season that have been kept free, in advance, of league matches. Sponsorship money from Rileys will be available as prize money along with all proceeds from the competition entry fees.

Congratulations to Andy Rogers who completed a memorable double of singles competitions by adding the Tuesday League singles title to his
Cardiff Open win. It was a thrilling, high quality, final and a fitting end to a great season of snooker but left Spencer Symmons with a second consecutive Tuesday singles runner-up prize. Rogers won the first frame on the black after being 50 down following a Symmons 40 break. After Symmons had levelled it in the second frame, Rogers repeated the trick by stealing the third with a 50 clearance after being 40 points down. The quality just got better with Symmons knocking in a 74 in the fourth frame to take the match to a decider. In the final frame of the CDSA season, Rogers took the title by clearing up from 2 reds left after Symmons had missed a black down the rail. Well done for both players for such a performance in what was now the middle of summer!

FINAL (12 June 2007)
SPENCER SYMMONS (Fairwater Macks) 2

SEMI-FINALS (15 May 2007)

CLIVE HUDD (Penarth BL) 1

RICHARD HUMPHRIES (Fairwater Macks) 2
SPENCER SYMMONS (Fairwater Macks) 3

Highest break: Richard Humphries 99

Round One Round Two Quarter-Final
Scott Miners (Uni 'A') Alan Williams (SWS 'A') Rob Hayes (Uni 'A')
Alan Williams (SWS 'A')
Rob Hayes (Uni 'A') Rob Hayes (Uni 'A')
Huw Carpenter (Trecenydd 'B') Manos Paspatis (Uni 'A') Andrew Rogers (SWS 'A')
Manos Paspatis (Uni 'A')
Andrew Rogers (SWS 'A') Andrew Rogers (SWS 'A')
Tom Cross (Uni 'A')
Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd 'B') Dave Wall (Llandaff) Clive Hudd (Penarth)
Dave Wall (Llandaff)
BYE Clive Hudd (Penarth)
Clive Hudd (Penarth)
Steve Wellbeloved (F.Macks) James Llewellyn (Penarth) James Llewellyn (Penarth)
James Llewellyn (Penarth)
Dan Morris (Uni 'B') Craig Davis (SWS 'A')
Craig Davis (SWS 'A')
Richard Humphries (F.Macks) Richard Humphries (F.Macks) Richard Humphries (F.Macks)
Ronnie Allen (Llandaff) Jon Luke (Rileys)
Jon Luke (Rileys)
Mark Davies (Uni 'A') withdrawn Glyn Jones (Penarth) Matthew Troath (Llandaff)
Glyn Jones (Penarth)
Matthew Troath (Llandaff) Matthew Troath (Llandaff)
Nick Jones (Llandaff)
Spencer Symmons (F.Macks) Spencer Symmons (F.Macks) Spencer Symmons (F.Macks)
Twm Sion Jones (Penarth)
Ben Chung (Uni 'B') Rhys Thorne (Trec 'B')
Rhys Thorne (Trec 'B')
Kevin Brown (Penarth) Kevin Brown (Penarth) Kevin Brown (Penarth)
Brian Rees (F.Macks)
BYE Renato Ridolini (F.Macks)
Renato Ridolini (F.Macks)

* Twm Sion Jones beat Darryl Wilson, Brian Rees beat Joe Merola and Renato Ridolini beat Nigel Blackwell in preliminary round