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FINAL, 13 APRIL 2006

TOM CROSS (University) 4
SPENCER SYMMONS (Mackintosh) 3

Tom Cross won his first ever Tuesday singles with a win over Spencer Symmons who lost his third singles final in two seasons (sorry about that one Spence). The match took over 4 hours as Tom took a leaf out of the book of recent World Championship finalists Graham Dott and Peter Ebdon!


TOM CROSS (University) 3
RICHARD TANG (Rileys City Rd) 1

ROB HAYES (Llandaff Institute) 0
SPENCER SYMMONS (Mackintosh) 3

Round One (best of 3, by 5th Dec) Round Two (best of 3, by 9th Jan) Quarter-Final (best of 3, by 6th March)
J.Merola (University) 0 R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst) R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst)
R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst) 2
G.Bailey (Savoy) w/o G.Bailey (Savoy)
S.Trottman (SW Snooker) scr
C.Bardsley (Savoy) 2 C.Bardsley (Savoy) R.Ridolini (Mackintosh)
S.Flanagan (Rileys City Rd) 0
C.Lane (Savoy) 1 R.Ridolini (Mackintosh)
R.Ridolini (Mackintosh) 2
S.Symmons (Mackintosh) w/o S.Symmons (Mackintosh) S.Symmons (Mackintosh)
B.Rees (Mackintosh) scr
D.Wilson (SW Snooker) w/o D.Wilson (SW Snooker)
J.Luke (Rileys City Rd) scr
S.Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 0 Craig Davis (SW Snooker) Craig Davis (SW Snooker)
Craig Davis (SW Snooker) 2
N.Davies (Rileys City Rd) 1 M.Paspatis (University)
M.Paspatis (University) 2
Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd) 1 T.Cross (University) T.Cross (University)
T.Cross (University) 2
B.Gourlay (Trecenydd) w/o B.Gourlay (Trecenydd)
R.Baker (Rileys City Rd) scr
J.Summerhayes (SW Snooker) 2 J.Summerhayes (SW Snooker) N.Blackwell (Savoy)
D.Wall (Llandaff Inst) 0
N.Blackwell (Savoy) 2 N.Blackwell (Savoy)
K.Brown (Llandaff Inst) 1
C.Alexander (Savoy) w/o C.Alexander (Savoy) C.Alexander (Savoy)
R.Ford (Llandaff Inst) scr
T.Hicks (Rileys City Rd) scr BYE
L.Smith (SW Snooker) scr
R.Allen (Llandaff Inst) 0 R.Tang (Rileys City Rd) R.Tang (Rileys City Rd)
R.Tang (Rileys City Rd) 2
N.Biggs (Rileys City Rd) scr M.Dailly (Savoy)
M.Dailly (Savoy) w/o