CARDIFF & DISTRICT SNOOKER LEAGUE: Premier League singles, 2004-05

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FINAL (BEST OF 5, 19th April 2005, at Rileys City Rd)

SCOTT MINERS (University)



Craig Davis retained his Premier Singles title that he won in 2004 by whitewashing Scott Miners from the University, who was playing in his first ever Cardiff singles final.

SEMI-FINALS (BEST OF 3, to be played by 1st March 2005)

MARK DAVIES (University)

lost to

SCOTT MINERS (University)



MARK MERRETT (Canton Libs)


Round One (best of 3, by 1st Dec) Round Two (best of 3, by 1st Jan) Quarter-Final (best of 3, by 1st Feb)
BYE S.Trottman (SW Snooker) BYE
S.Trottman (SW Snooker)
M.Paspatis (University) M.Paspatis (University)
S.Wellbeloved (Mackintosh)
M.Davies (University) M.Davies (University) M.Davies (University)
N.Blackwell (Savoy)
BYE R.Tang (Rileys City Rd)
R.Tang (Rileys City Rd)
S.Miners (University) S.Miners (University) S.Miners (University)
R.Ridolini (Mackintosh)
C.Bardsley (Savoy) BYE
C.Alexander (Savoy)
BYE M.Cavanagh (Mackintosh) M.Cavanagh (Mackintosh)
M.Cavanagh (Mackintosh)
M.Morgan (Fairwater) BYE
M.Dally (Savoy)
BYE S.Flanagan (Rileys City Rd) C.Davis (SW Snooker)
S.Flanagan (Rileys City Rd)
G.Bailey (Savoy) C.Davis (SW Snooker)
C.Davis (SW Snooker)
N.Dite (Fairwater) R.Sullivan (Canton Libs) S.Symmons (Mackintosh)
R.Sullivan (Canton Libs)
S.Symmons (Mackintosh) S.Symmons (Mackintosh)
I.Bartley (Mackintosh)
L.Smith (SW Snooker) L.Smith (SW Snooker) BYE
R.Allen (Llandaff)
BYE C.Lane (Savoy)
C.Lane (Savoy)
M.Merrett (Canton Libs) M.Merrett (Canton Libs) M.Merrett (Canton Libs)
R.Ford (Llandaff)
BYE S.Johnson (Fairwater)
S.Johnson (Fairwater)