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Cardiff Cons League
  CARDIFF OPEN SINGLES, 2007-08 (sponsored by Rileys Snooker)

Following a sponsorship deal with Rileys Snooker this year's singles and doubles competitions will all take place at Rileys City Road and Wellington clubs. Sponsorship money from Rileys will be available as prize money along with all proceeds from the competition entry fees.

FINALS (June 3rd, Rileys City Rd, best of 7)
NEIL TOMKINS (Llandaff Institute) 4
MIKE DODD (Caerphilly) 0

SEMI-FINALS (April 29th , Rileys City Rd, best of 5)
NEIL TOMKINS (Llandaff Institute) 3
GRAHAM PRANCE (Mackintosh) 0

MIKE DODD (Caerphilly Social) 3

Highest breaks: Spencer Symmons 114 (clearance, v Nigel Blackwell first round), Mike Dodd 93, Brian Rees 56, Neil Tomkins 54, Rees 48, Kevin Brown 40

  Top Half (click here to view bottom half)
Round One (Dec 4th, best of 3) Round Two (Dec 4th, best of 3) Round three (Dec 4th, best of 3) Quarter-Finals (Mar 4, best of 5)
  James Llewellyn (Penarth) 2 James Llewellyn (Penarth) 2 James Llewellyn (Penarth) 0
James Kidwell w/o v Dan Morris James Kidwell (Rileys City Rd) 0
Dan Peacey w/o v Dwayne Jones Dan Peacey University) 0 Clive Hudd (Penarth) 0
  Clive Hudd (Penarth) 2
Neil Tomkins 2-0 Glyn Jones Neil Tomkins (Llandaff) 2 Neil Tomkins (Llandaff) 2 Neil Tomkins (Llandaff) 3
  Ian Bartley (Mackintosh) 1
  Ray Sullivan (Canton Libs) Ben Chung (University) 0
  Ben Chung (University)
  Huw Carpenter (Trecenydd) w/o Huw Carpenter (Trecenydd) 1 Rob Hayes (University) 0
  Scott Miners (University)
  Rob Hayes (University) w/o Rob Hayes (University) 2
  Steve Flanagan (Wellington)
Chris Homewood 2-0 Kishan Hirani Chris Homewood (Rileys City Rd) Luke Pitman (Penarth) Graham Prance (Mackintosh) 3
  Luke Pitman (Penarth)
Graham Prance (Mackintosh) 2 Graham Prance (Mackintosh)
  Tom Cross (University) 1
  Bottom Half
Round One (Dec 4th, best of 3) Round Two (Dec 4th, best of 3) Round three (Dec 4th, best of 3) Quarter-Finals (tba, best of 3)
  A.Ellis BYE Wayne Hatton (Penarth) 3
  Glyn Hayes
Steve Wellbeloved 0-2 Wayne Hatton Wayne Hatton (Penarth) 2 Wayne Hatton (Penarth)
  Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 1
Kevin Brown w/o v Gerry Holdham Jnr Kevin Brown (Penarth) 2 Kevin Brown (Penarth) 0 Brian Rees (Fairwater) 0
  Chris Crooks 0
  Ronnie Allen (Llandaff) 0 Brian Rees (Fairwater) 2
  Brian Rees (Fairwater) 2
  Terry Garland (Rumney BL) w/o Terry Garland (Rumney BL) 0 Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 1
  Mike O'Connor (Rumney BL)
  Nigel Blackwell (Savoy) 0 Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2
Spencer Symmons 2-0 Twm Jones Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2
Joe Merola v w/o Mike Dodd Mike Dodd (Caerphilly) Mike Dodd (Caerphilly) Mike Dodd (Caerphilly) 3
  Roger Hatton (Penarth)
Renato Ridolini v Dave Thomas Renato Ridolini (Mackintosh) Nick Jones (Llandaff)
  Nick Jones (Llandaff)