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  Rileys SnookerFor the second year running Rileys Snooker Club on City Road, Cardiff sponsored the Cardiff Open. The tournament was again opened up for non-CDSA players to enter and it attracted the highest quality of player seen in a Cardiff league event for many a year including leading South Wales amateurs Michael White, Gavin Pantal and David John .

The proposed prizes - 200 winner, 100 runner up, 25 semi finalists, 50 highest break.

Gavin Pantall

Gavin Pantall beat World Amateur Grand Prix teenage winner Michael White in an exciting final of this year's Invitiational Open. The match was won 5-4 in the deciding frame when Gavin cleared from the green culminating in a superb black. The final was the match a memorable tournament deserved, and well done to the organisers Andy Davis, James Llewellyn and Kevin Brown for attracting such a strong field. Craig Davis was the CDSA's last survivor and went 2-0 up against White in the semis but lost in a deciding frame.

Craig Davis won the highest break prize with an 89 in the early rounds.

The early rounds were held at Rileys City Road on February 7th and 9th. Full details of the draw can be found

Quarter-finals (Rileys City Rd, April 13th) Semi-finals (Rileys City Rd, April 13th) Final (Rileys City Rd, May 2nd)
Michael White 3 Michael White 3 Michael White 4
Dave Stratford 0
Craig Davis 3 Craig Davis 2
Brian Rees 2
Dominic Gregory Gavin Pantall 3 Gavin Pantall 5
Gavin Pantall 3
Spencer Symmons 0 David John 0
David John 3

Top Half, Tuesday 7th Feb (click here to view bottom half)

Round One (best of 3, Feb 7th) Round Two (best of 3, Feb 7th) Last 16 (best of 5, Feb 7th)
BYE Michael White 2 Michael White 3
Michael White
Derek Johns Richard Humphries 0
Richard Humphries
Neil Dite Damien Stratford 2 Damien Stratford 0
Damien Stratford
Brian Bazzard Shaun Wicks 0
Shaun Wicks
Steve Flanagan Steve Flanagan 1 Matthew Troath 2
Glyn Jones
Matthew Troath Matthew Troath 2
Peter Rathbone
Geraint Jones Geraint Jones 0 Dave Stratford 3
Colin Lane
Viv Welsh Dave Stratford 2
Dave Stratford
BYE Manos Paspatis 0 Craig Davis 3
Manos Paspatis
Craig Davis Craig Davis 2
Chris Crookes
Huw Carpenter Wayne Hatton 2 Wayne Hatton 1
Wayne Hatton
Bill Gourlay Bill Gourlay 1
Nick Ollis
BYE Brian Rees 2 Brian Rees 3
Brian Rees
Rhys Carpenter Steve Wellbeloved 0
Steve Wellbeloved
Mark Jones Tom Cross 2 Tom Cross 0
Tom Cross
L.Jones L.Jones 0

Bottom Half, Thursday Feb 9th (click here to return to top of page)

Round One (best of 3, Feb 9th) Round Two (best of 3, Feb 9th) Last 16 (best of 5, Feb 9th)
BYE Daryl Wilson 2 Daryl Wilson 1
Daryl Wilson
Bernard Hutchings Graham Bailey 0
Graham Bailey
Chris Bardsley Dominic Gregory 2 Dominic Gregory 3
Dominic Gregory
John Bevan Rhys Thorne 0
Rhys Thorne
BYE Gavin Pantall 2 Gavin Pantall 3
Gavin Pantall
David Wall John Moore 1
John Moore
James Llewellyn James Llewellyn 0 Simon Trottman 2
Scott Miners
Nigel Blackwell Simon Trottman 2
Simon Trottman
BYE Liam O'Brien 0 Spencer Symmons 3
Liam O'Brien
Spencer Symmons Spencer Symmons 2
Steven Bailey
Richard Olliver Richard Olliver 1 Rob Hayes 0
Richard Tang
Rob Hayes w/o Rob Hayes 2
Mark Bennett
BYE Andrew Rogers 2 Andrew Rogers 1
Andrew Rogers
Jason Summerhayes Jason Hewett 0
Jason Hewett
David John David John 2 David John 3
Lee Smith
Ronnie Allen Ronnie Allen 1

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