Cardiff Invitational Open Singles 2004-05 sponsored by Riley's City Road

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This year's Cardiff Open was sponsored by Riley's Snooker.

Qualifying rounds took place at Riley's City Road, Cardiff on Feb 8th and Feb 10th, 2005. Click
here for results from the qualifying rounds or click here for photos from the opening night of the tournament. Quarter-final and semi-final rounds took place at Riley's City Road on a 12th April and the final followed on 26th April.

Dave Stratford
took the title on his home table as he beat Spencer Symmons 4-3 in a classic match. Stratford got off to a stormer, taking a quick 3-0 lead. However Symmons drew level 3-3 to force a decider. A cool 60+ break in the decider gave Stratford his first Open title. Nathan Biggs won the highest break prize with a 90+ in round one.

For competition rules and further information click

Quarter-finals (best of 3, 12th April 2005) Semi-finals (best of 3, 12th April 2005) Final (best of 7, 26th April 2005)
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2 Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 3
James Llewellyn (Llandaff) 0
Simon Trottman (SW Snooker) 1 Jason Hewitt (Mackintosh)
Jason Hewitt (Mackintosh) 2
Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd) 2 Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd) Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd) 4
John Moore (Mackintosh) 1
Richard Tang (Rileys City Rd) 1 Nurul Khan (Rileys City Rd)
Nurul Khan (Rileys City Rd) 2

Qualifying rounds for the event were held on Feb 8th and Feb 10th, 2005 at Rileys Snooker Club on City Road, Cardiff

here for photos from the opening night of the tournament.

Preliminary Round (best of 3) Last 32 (best of 3) Last 16 (best of 3)
  R.Hayes (Llandaff) S.Symmons (Mackintosh)
S.Symmons (Mackintosh) S.Symmons (Mackintosh)
S.Price (Llandaff)
  N.Blackwell (Savoy) N.Blackwell (Savoy)
W.Hatton (Llandaff) W.Hatton (Llandaff)
N.Dite (Fairwater)
  Craig Davis (SW Snooker) Craig Davis (SW Snooker)
N.Biggs (Rileys City Rd) N.Biggs (Rileys City Rd)
M.Rawlinson (Roath Labour)
  C.Beecher (SW Snooker) J.Llewellyn (Llandaff)
M.Cavanagh (Mackintosh) J.Llewellyn (Llandaff)
J.Llewellyn (Llandaff)
  J.Dobson (Llandaff) S.Wellbeloved (Mackintosh)
Carl Davis (SW Snooker) S.Wellbeloved (Mackintosh)
S.Wellbeloved (Mackintosh)
  S.Flanagan (Wellington) S.Trottman (SW Snooker)
S.Trottman (SW Snooker) S.Trottman (SW Snooker)
M.Paspatis (University)
  Geraint Jones(Llandaff) M.Davies (University)
M.Davies (University) M.Davies (University)
Glyn Jones (Llandaff)
  J.Hewitt (Mackintosh) J.Hewitt (Mackintosh)
  R.Ford (Llandaff)
  D.Gill (SW Snooker)  
  B.Rees (SW Snooker)
  K.Brown (Llandaff) Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd)
  Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd)
  J.Moore (Mackintosh) J.Moore (Mackintosh)
D.Wilson (Rileys City Rd)  
C.Cowland (Llandaff)
  T.Cross (University) T.Cross (University)
R.Ridolini (Mackintosh)  
G.Bennett (Roath Labour)
  R.Tang (Rileys City Rd) R.Tang (Rileys City Rd)
N.Ollis (SW Snooker)  
N.Davies (Rileys City Rd)
  S.Miners (University) S.Miners (University)
L.O'Brien (SW Snooker)  
S.Johnson (Fairwater)
  R.Allen (Llandaff)  
D.Earls (Rileys City Rd)  
D.Wall (Llandaff)
  L.Smith (SW Snooker) N.Khan (Rileys City Rd)
N.Khan (Rileys City Rd) N.Khan (Rileys City Rd)
A.Poynter (Rileys City Rd)

Competition rules
and information
Entry cost: Members 2 Non-members 4
1. Members are classed as Cardiff and District registered players (registered before Dec 2004)
2. Current or previous professionals from past 3 years must give 50 points start per frame
3. Players arriving late will forfeit 1 frame every 10 minutes
4. All matches are best of three, the final will be best of five.
5. In the case of any disputes the organisers decision is final.
Please contact
Andy Davis (07967 130616) or Martin Cavanagh (07818 006055) for further information.