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Cardiff Cons League
  CARDIFF OPEN SINGLES, 2009-10 (sponsored by Horizon Disabled Adaptations Ltd.)

Neil Tomkins won his third Cardiff Open Singles title , beating Spencer Symmons 4-3 in the final. In a final that failed to live up to its billing, both players struggled for form. Tomkins took a 2-0 lead before Symmons fought back to lead 3-2. Symmons had a half chance to win it 4-2 in the 6th frame but Tomkins won it on the pink to set up a decider. In the 7th and deciding frame, Tomkins went 40 odd up with a 29 break (high highest of the match) and although Symmons came back to within 20 he sealed a 4-3 win on the colours.

FINAL (best of 7)

SPENCER SYMMONS (Mackintosh) 3-4 NEIL TOMKINS (Penarth BL)

SEMI-FINALS (to be played in May)

SPENCER SYMMONS (Mackintosh) 3-0 JAY MORRIS (Penarth BL)

NEIL TOMKINS (Penarth BL) 3-0 HUW CARPENTER (University)

Highest break: Neil Tomkins 112, Huw Carpenter 58, Luke Haines 57, Spencer Symmons 57, James Llewellyn 52, Jay Morris 51

Round One (best of 3, to be played in Feb) Round Two (best of 3, to be played in March) Quarter-final (best of 3, to be played in April)
Rob Hayes (County) Dave Blake (University) 2 Dave Blake (University) 0
Dave Blake (University) w/o
Huw Thomas (Fairwater) 0 Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 0
Kishan Hirani (Fairwater) 2
Luke Haines (County) 2 Luke Haines (County) 1 Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2
Alan Cook (Penarth)
Layton Brooks (University) 0 Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2
Spencer Symmons (Mackintosh) 2
Jay Morris (Penarth) 2 Jay Morris (Penarth) 2 Jay Morris (Penarth) 2
Kevin Jones (Taffs Well) 0
Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) Steve Flanagan (Fairwater) 0
James Llewellyn (County) 2 James Llewellyn (County) 2 James Llewellyn (County) 0
Glyn Jones (Penarth) 1
Wayne Hatton (Penarth) 2 Wayne Hatton (Penarth) 0
Clive Hudd (Penarth) 1
Gerwyn Davies (Trecenydd) 2 Gerwyn Davies (Trecenydd) 1 Neil Tomkins (Penarth) 2
Dan Bridle (Trecenydd)
Neil Tomkins (Penarth) 2 (112 break) Neil Tomkins (Penarth) 2
Mitchell Dyke (Trecenydd) 0
Terry Garland (Fairwater) Terry Garland (Fairwater) 2 Terry Garland (Fairwater) 0
Mark Dwyer (Canton Libs) Dan Peacey (University) 0
Dan Peacey (University) 2
Twm Jones (Fairwater) Huw Carpenter (University) 2 Huw Carpenter (University) 2
Huw Carpenter (University) w/o
Chris Richards (Roath Lab) Chris Richards (Roath Lab) 0
Ethan Chichester (Trecenydd)
Lewis Samuel (Trecenydd) James Wigmore (Canton Libs) 0 Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 1
James Wigmore (Canton Libs) 2
Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 2 Rhys Carpenter (Trecenydd) 2
Tom Cross (County) 0