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  THURSDAY LEAGUE SINGLES, 2006-07 (sponsored by Rileys Snooker)

FINAL, 12th April 2007

ALEX REES (Frames) 3
DEV CHADHA (Uni 'C') 2

Round One (Dec 14th, best of 3) Quarter-Final (Dec 14th, best of 3) Semi-Final (best of 5)
Dan Peacey (Uni 'C') 0 Huw Davies (Uni 'C') Alex Rees (Frames)
Huw Davies (Uni 'C') 2
Alex Rees (Frames) 2 Alex Rees (Frames)
Stephen Chan (Frames) 0
Viv Welsh (Frames 'A') 0 Derek Johns (Frames 'A') Ryan Thomas (Frames)
Derek Johns (Frames 'A') 2
Mike Rawlinson (Roath Lab) 0 Ryan Thomas (Frames)
Ryan Thomas (Frames) w/o
Mike O'Connor 1 Terry Garland (Rumney BL) Terry Garland (Rumney BL)
Terry Garland (Rumney BL) 2
Andy Holman 0 Shaun Hill (Uni 'C')
Shaun Hill (Uni 'C') w/o
Bill James (Frames) 2 Bill James (Frames) Dev Chadha (Uni 'C')
Neil Fairbrother (Uni 'C') 0
Ray Sullivan (Canton Libs) 0 Dev Chadha (Uni 'C')
Dev Chadha (Uni 'C') 2