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  Rileys SnookerRileys Snooker Club on City Road, Cardiff sponsored the Tuesday Team Knockout Cup which was a welcome return to the knockout format for the league. All matches were played at Rileys City Road on various nights during the season. Alongside the Cup, a Plate tournament was held for first round losers. Full information about the rules for the Tuesday Team Knockout Cup and Knockout plate (for first round losers) can be found here.

An all-Trecenydd final saw the Trecenydd 'A' side overcome the 7 pt handicap with ease to defeat the 'B' side 3-0.
In the Plate competition Savoy defeated Rileys City Rd 'B' 3-2 on their home turf.
Brian Rees of the Mackintosh won the highest break prize with a 53 in the first round.

Handicaps appear next to team names and were applied for each player.

Round 1 (25th Oct) Quarter-finals (10th Jan) Semi-finals (28th March) Final (2nd May)
Mackintosh (0) 2-3 Aber & Seng (+21) Aber & Seng (+21) 2-3 Llandaff 'B' (+14) Llandaff 'B' (+14) 2-3 Trecenydd 'B' (+21) Trecenydd 'B' (+21) 0

Trecenydd 'A' (+14) 3
Llandaff 'B' (+14) 3-1 SW Snooker 'B' (+28)
BYE v University 'A' (+14) University 'A' (+14) 2-3 Trecenydd 'B' (+21)
Trecenydd 'B' (+21) w/o v Savoy (+7)
Trecenydd 'A' (+14) 3-0 Fairwater Cons (+21) Trecenydd 'A' (+14) 3-0 SW Snooker 'A' (+7) Trecenydd 'A' (+14) 3-0 University 'B' (+28)
SW Snooker 'A' (+7) 3-2 Riley's City Rd 'B' (+14)
BYE v University 'B' (+28) University 'B' (+28) w/o v Riley's City Rd 'A' (+7)
Riley's City Rd 'A' (+7) w/o v Llandaff 'A' (+7)
Plate quarter-finals Plate semi-finals Plate final (2nd May 2006)
1. Mackintosh Sports (0) 3-1 SW Snooker 'B' (+28) Mackintosh Sports (0) 2-3 Savoy (+7) Savoy (+7) 3
Riley's City Rd 'B' (+14) 2
2. BYE v Savoy (+7)
3. Fairwater Cons (+21) 2-3 Riley's City Rd 'B' (+14) Riley's City Rd 'B' (+14) 3-1 Llandaff 'A' (+7)
4. BYE v Llandaff 'A' (+7)

Knockout cup information and rules
The Knockout Cup is designed to help the Tuesday League last for an almost equal number of weeks as the Thursday Divisions. It is played on a team basis, with handicaps applied to each team. Therefore, each player within a given team begins with that given handicap at the start of every frame. Otherwise, normal league rules apply. The two team captains separately write down their order for the five matches before the first frame begins, and the winning team is the first to reach three. It is at the discretion of the team captains as to whether the remaining "dead rubbers" are played or not, should one team lead by 3 frames to 0, or 3 frames to 1.

Teams defeated in round one of the Knockout Cup will be entered into the Knockout Plate. This is to guarantee that each team will play at least twice in the knockout events.

Riley's snooker are sponsoring the event to the tune of 450 for prize money and trophies to be announced.
All matches played at Riley's City Road. Teams must be at Rileys City Road and READY TO PLAY at 7.20pm.

Players banned from the club in question are asked not to attend because their entry to the club would be at the discretion of the club owner or licensee. They are free to speak directly to that owner or licensee BEFOREHAND to ask for pemission to play, but should not turn up on the night expecting to do so.

Tables will be allocated randomly to each match.