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FINAL, 13 APRIL 2006

NIGEL BLACKWELL (Savoy, +14) 4
DAVID WALL (Llandaff Institute, +7) 2

Nigel Blackwell won the 2006 Handicap champion after beating Dave Wall 4-2 in the final. The match was a tight, edgy affair with Nigel receiving a 7 point handicap per frame. Nigel took control early on and built a 2-1 lead, but the fourth frame proved to be the crucial point in the game, when Nigel managed to get the snooker that he needed on the blue, and clear to take a 3-1 advantage. Dave won the next comfortably and had a sizeable lead going in to the colours in the sixth. Nigel fought back but missed the pink, leaving it over the yellow pocket with the white tucked under the top cushion. Dave missed and Nigel potted the pink before sinking a diificult black to seal a deserved 4-2 win.


NIGEL BLACKWELL (Savoy, +14) 3
RONNIE ALLEN (Llandaff Institute, +14) 2

DAVID WALL (Llandaff Institute, +14) 3
SPENCER SYMMONS (Mackintosh, 0) 2

Handicaps appear to the right of the player and are allocated per frame

Prelim. Round (best of 3) Han   Round One (best of 3) Han Round Two (best of 3) Han Quarter-Final (best of 3) Han
R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst) 2 14 R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst) 14 R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst) 14

R.Hayes (Llandaff Inst)


J.Merola (University) 0 28 N.Biggs (Rileys City Rd) 0
R.Ford (Llandaff Inst) scr 7 C.Crookes (Fairwater) 21 R.Ridolini (Mackintosh) 28
C.Crookes (Fairwater) w/o 21 R.Ridolini (Mackintosh) 28
M.Jones (SW Snooker) scr 21 S.Meredith (Canton Libs) 21 C.Alexander (Savoy) 14 R.Allen (Llandaff Inst) 14
S.Meredith (Canton Libs) w/o 21 C.Alexander (Savoy) 14
D.Bowden (Canton Libs) scr 21 R.Allen (Llandaff Inst) 14 R.Allen (Llandaff Inst) 14
R.Allen (Llandaff Inst) w/o 14 J.Luke (Rileys City Rd) 7
R.Sullivan (Canton Libs) scr 35 N.Ollis (SW Snooker) 21 L.Jones (SW Snooker) 21 L.Jones (SW Snooker) 21
N.Ollis (SW Snooker) w/o 21 L.Jones (SW Snooker) 21
B.Rees (Mackintosh) 0 0 M.Paspatis (University) 14 Carl Davis (SW Snooker) 21
M.Paspatis (University) 2 14 Carl Davis (SW Snooker) 21
D.Peacey (University) 0 28 C.Lane (Savoy) 14 N.Blackwell (Savoy) 14 N.Blackwell (Savoy) 14
C.Lane (Savoy) 2 14 N.Blackwell (Savoy) 14
Craig Davis (SW Snooker) 0 0 L.O'Brien (SW Snooker) 21 L.O'Brien (SW Snooker) 21
L.O'Brien (SW Snooker) 2 21 S.Wellbeloved (Mackintosh) 21
T.Cross (University) 2 7   T.Cross (University) 7 D.Wilson (SW Snooker) 7

D.Wilson (SW Snooker)

S.O'Connell (Canton Libs) 0 21 D.Wilson (SW Snooker) 7
    S.Johnson (Fairwater) 21 BYE n/a
    N.Dite (Fairwater) 14
    C.Bardsley (Savoy) 7 BYE n/a D.Wall (Llandaff Inst) 7
    B.Creed (Wellington) 21
    M.Dailly (Savoy) 14 D.Wall (Llandaff Inst) 7
    D.Wall (Llandaff Inst) 7
    A.Sergeant (Canton Libs) 21 A.Sergeant (Canton Libs) 21 S.King (Canton Libs) 7
    Dave Stratford (Rileys City Rd) 0
    S.King (Canton Libs) 7 S.King (Canton Libs) 7
    G.Bailey (Savoy) 14
    B.Gourlay (Trecenydd) 21 B.Gourlay (Trecenydd) 21 S.Symmons (Mackintosh) 0
    T.Jones (Wellington) 21
    R.Baker (Rileys City Rd) 14 S.Symmons (Mackintosh) 0
    S.Symmons (Mackintosh) 0