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The format for this year's cup is
- 5 singles frames, as per league matches. Matches are NOT handicapped this season
- winners of round 1 progress to semi-finals and losers progress to plate competition
- home teams drawn first

The winning teams in the quarter finals will meet in the Cup semi finals. The losing teams in the quarter finals will meet in the Plate semi finals. These are scheduled for February 8th. The team which loses in the prelim stage of the event will be eliminated from both the Cup and Plate competitions.

Preliminary round (Nov 16)
Penarth BL 2-3 Fairwater Cons
Quarter-finals Semi-finals (Feb 8th) Final (April 19th)
Potters Bar lost to Fairwater ConsFairwater Cons 3-2 Mackintosh Fairwater Cons  2-3 Trecenydd
Savoy 2-3 Mackintosh (Nov 16)
Trecenydd 5-0 Penarth Road (Nov 16) Trecenydd 3-0 County Cons
County Cons 3-1 University (Nov 16)

Highest break: Huw Carpenter (University) 64

Plate competition

Semi-finals (Feb 8th) Final (April 19th)
)Penarth Road 3-2 UniversityPenarth Road 2-3 Savoy
Savoy w/o v Potters Bar


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