Premier League Player Rankings 2002-3

Division One

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End of season: Due to poor return of match cards it was agreed in the CDSA league meeting of April 7th, 2003 that no end of season trophy would be awarded to the players of the year. Congratulations, however, to Mark Bennett of Savoy Snooker Club who led from the start of the season, showing his ex-professional class. He was only defeated twice all season, once by J.Williams of DNA Snooker and then on the final day of the season against Ian Purnell at Llandaff Institute 'B'.

  April 7th, 2003 Team Percentage won
1 Mark Bennett Savoy Snooker 88%
2 Terry Cooke Savoy Snooker 86%
3 John Luke Rileys City Road 85%
4 Alex Donne Wellington Rileys 'A' 83%
5 Martin Cavanagh South Wales Snooker 'A' 80%
6 Pete Laver Snr Aber & Senghenydd 80%

Note: players must have played in at least 12 matches by the end of the season to qualify

Table includes match cards received by the league meeting, April 7th